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The Service

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As a creative adviser, I help fellow creators learn how to better express the ideas they want to share with the world. I don’t work to tell you what to do, how to draw or how to write. Instead, I’m here to help provide guidance and encouragement to help you get centered and focused on your goals.

By signing up for this service, I’ll be your guide over the course of three months. The restricted time frame is to help encourage the people I work with to commit to hit the ground running in getting their projects going.

The Service includes:

  • A free initial Thirty (30) minute consultation to help get a better understanding of what you want to accomplish by the end of the three months. Are you looking to improve your character art? Are you having trouble getting a comic idea that you’ve had in the works for years? Take your pick and I’ll help out. This will also be used as an assessment to see if working with me is a good fit.

  • Allot Six (6) hours of chat time (via text, voice chat or screen share) that can be broken up into half hour to one hour sessions. These sessions can cover anything you’re looking to better understand, whether it’s searching for help with initial concept development, looking for advice on character designs or how to improve your coloring. Each of those sessions will be defined by what you’re looking to improve and focus on.

  • For comic related consultations, you’ll be provided with three (3) to five (5) rounds of suggestions on the story, including but not limited to: reviewing the first chapter script, the first five to ten pages of comic art and more.

To ensure that I’m able to accommodate everyone who signs up, I will be restricting the number of clients I enlist to four (4) at a time. If the slots fill up, a wait list will open.


When I initially called Mildred for consultation, I was 100 pages deep into my graphic novel project and had no previous experience writing or drawing anything of length. I was completely at a loss to judge my own work. Even worse, I was embarrassed to show it to anyone I knew for feedback. Hiring Mildred for story consultation saved my project from certain death. Over several months she helped me establish goal posts for revisions, drilled efficiently down into the weakest points of what I had written, along with the possibilities for what I hadn’t. She helped me see so much of what I couldn’t on my own with incredible clarity and salience. In each of our short calls she would identify many weeks worth of homework for me to strengthen my story (along with my morale as a creator!).

In the end I have a better story, plans and motivation to carry it over the finish line, and story-building foundations I can reuse in the future. Without Mildred’s help I would have foundered on a terrible plot and over-invested time into work that I would not ultimately be proud to share. I am endlessly grateful for her services and would recommend her to anyone regardless of where they are in their project.
— Ingrid P. - 2018-2019 Client

Mildred Louis was my mentor during my formative years of college. In that time, she played an essential role in my understanding, and eventually, my career into comics and graphic novels. She taught me how to be a flatter — a skill oftentimes considered the most tedious part of the comics making process. She gave me weekly or bi-weekly assignments involving figure studies, lighting exercises, character designs and pitch proposals. Since then, I’ve assisted some prominent artists and series, applied those exercises to my editorial work and have eventually shifted into illustrating and pitching my own titles.

Mildred took a chance on me that I’ll forever be grateful for. Where my college education was lacking, she stepped in and assumed the role of another professor; one that challenged me and helped equip me with the proper foundation to make a career out of comics. I’ve self published my own work and I’m currently working on a graphic novel alongside Varian Johnson for Arthur A. Levine Books: an imprint of Scholastic.
— Shannon W. - 2016 Mentee


The consultation sessions come at a flat fee of $500 for the three months. Payment is due upon acceptance after the initial consultation service.

Should the consultation extend past the initial three (3) months, there’ll be an additional $200 due to extend it for an additional Six (6) weeks/ Two (2) Hours.

Interested in learning more or ready to sign up? Then fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

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