Agents of the Realm - Volume 1 Soft Cover now available for Pre-Order

Looking to get your hands on a physical copy of Volume 1? Well good news! A limited number of books have been made available for pre-order from now until the end of August before hitting the last stretch of conventions for this year. Copies will become available again in November, so if you'd like to hold the lovely pages of this book in your hands sooner than later, be sure to head over to the online store to grab a copy!

Agents of the Realm EBook now available for purchase!

I'm excited to say that all of Volume 1 of Agents of the Realm is now available for purchase on my online store! Coming to a whopping 290 pages in high quality PDF format, you can now take the magical adventure with you on the road (or just enjoy it in the comfort of your favorite reading chair). The first volume also includes a Bonus Chapter to help lead into volume 2!

To get a copy, please check it out on my online store Here.

Kickstarter + 2016 Conventions

This year has been incredibly eventful, starting off with the launch of the Agents of the Realm Volume 1 kickstarter in February. With the support of almost 900 backers, the campaign was able to successfully raise almost $34,000! 

The book file has been sent to the printer and should be arriving within the next couple of weeks, just in time to start debuting the book at conventions.

For those looking to purchase them in person, Agents of the Realm volume 1 will be showing up at Toronto Comics and Arts Festival on May 14th and 15th, and Vancouver Comics and Arts Festival on May 21 and 22. There'll only be a small number of books available for purchase at both shows. However, after books have been mailed out to backers, the books will be available for sale online via the online store and Hiveworks' Hivemill.

Thank you all again for your support!