2019 New Releases!

Hey everyone! It’s time for the big ol’ monthly update. If you follow me on twitter you likely already heard about this but I recently made a pretty substantial Update on my online store’s website. If you want to read the full write up, you can check it out Here! The gist of it is that the online store is going through a heck of a lot of big changes throughout the rest of the year, including expanding as a reseller service to assist fellow comic creators. The biggest chunk, however, is that I’m releasing three new comics this year!

ABOUT THE COMIC: Tamara Avery has a thirst for adventure and a hell of a lot of punches to throw to get her way through it. But reality sets in quick when she finds herself needing to save her long estranged Aunt, Aaren that she wants nothing to do with.

The rescue mission cracks open her perception of her life and the universe as she knew it, and she’s placed in a predicament she never once expected – Does she fight? … or run to survive?

RATING: New Adult | STATUS: Launching Late Summer 2019

ABOUT THE COMIC: In a world heavily populated by elves and vampires, it’s not rare to run into all sorts of strange and interesting people. However, after Nadia and Cerene come across a small caged pup while on a mission, they soon discover that there are stranger things in this world than they could have ever imagined — their dog being a God was not one either of them ever expected to experience.

RATING: Mature (+18) | STATUS: Launching Late August, 2019

ABOUT THE COMIC: Mia is a wish contractor. Savannah is a genie. Neither are a fan of their jobs but they have to make a living. The company they work for hates them both and has paired them up to keep them distracted. When Mia gets specially hired by her ex – Lindsay, everyone quickly learns that getting what you wished for really isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

RATING: Mature (+18) | STATUS: Launching October, 2019

And that’s it! For now at least. Still plenty of background work going on so as things fall into place, I’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop :)

Talk to you all next time.