Hello 2019! A Long Overdue Update

BOY it has really been a minute since I’ve done a proper news update on here. For those of you who have been following my work over the last few years, you’ll have likely noticed things moving around, things being added, things being taken down, etc. etc. And that’s definitely because the last few years have been quite busy in terms of settling into the new things I have planned and getting them rolled out. So to make things easier, I’ll go ahead and bullet point the major things!

  • New online store! This was a rough decision to make since so much work went into SSP for so long, but because of the things I have planned, the way I was setting it up was no longer fitting for what I was looking to accomplish. So the story has officially been relabeled as Astrea’s Nexus. The store itself will be expanding a lot in this coming year in ways that, while I can’t share quite yet, I’m incredibly excited to start releasing to the public.

  • Agents of the Realm is officially an independently published comic as of Summer 2018. This means you’ll only be able to get Agents of the Realm related items directly through me. Because of the big changes that went into this, it officially started updating from Page 1 in Fall of 2018. You can still catch the comic at AgentsoftheRealm.com, and can find the ebooks in the online store.

  • Speaking of Agents of the Realm, Volume 2 is COMPLETE (insert cheering and confetti here). To grab your copy of the ebook, head over to the online store! Softcover copies of Volumes 1 (Second edition) and Volume 2 of Agents of the Realm will be available this May 2019. In the mean time, be sure to grab your copies of the ebooks, as well as the Art of Agents of the Realm 2013-2018 edition!

  • Services have now been added to my portfolio! This is something that I’ve been doing privately for the last few years as I’ve been able to and it’s been one of the most fulfilling things that I’ve had the chance to do in that time. Because of this, I’ve decided to start publicly offering Creative Adviser services, a three month long mentoring program that focuses on storytelling, illustration or both! If interested, be sure to head over to the page to find out more.

And that’s about it! Thanks everyone who’s checked out my work and followed along through the years.